• Kathryn Dodson

Announcing the Good Book Collective

The Good Book Collective is a new venture designed to provide writers with the services and support they need to successfully self-publish and sell their books based on a reader-review system.

As a book coach, I know that there are plenty of good books being written that readers would enjoy, but that will never make it through an agent's slush pile. I like to compare it to Etsy, not every good jewelry designer is going to make it into Tiffany’s or Zales, but Etsy has given talented individuals a way to connect with customers. Because readers can look at a piece of jewelry, they’ll know if they like it. The Good Book Collective uses readers as a proxy for what other readers will like.

We are currently building our base of readers and will begin taking writer submissions later this year. All writers must also be readers. Writers receive three main benefits from this process:

· Feedback - on materials submitted to readers

· Production - through the step-by-step platform, publication, and launch information

· Marketing and promotion assistance - through the Good Book Collective network

Are you interested in helping more of the books you love get published? At the Good Book Collective, we are building a community of readers and writers who will review unpublished women's fiction and romance.

The publishing industry today isn't able to publish all the good books that are written each year. Our goal is to support writers who want to self-publish high-quality books.

Our readers will review unpublished novels, and the writers whose books score well will be offered a wide range of publishing and marketing support.

Click here to Become a reader with the Good Book Collective!

Once you sign up, you will be sent a quick survey to help us match you with the books you love. For more about the process click here.

Join us, and together let's create a supportive, self-sustaining environment for publishing successful books.

Kathy Dodson


A writer herself, Kathryn loves helping other writers at every stage. She has a B.A. in English/Creative Writing, an MBA, and a PhD. With more than 20 years as an executive, she provides writers with effective strategies to take their books to the next level.